Why you need a Biophotonic Stash Curing Jar

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Anyone who values their cannabis knows that a plastic baggie just won’t do the trick—even if it’s one of the slightly nicer ones you’ll find at a dispensary. Glass canning jars have long been the standard for airtight storage, but an ancient technology is making a comeback and it blows your old ball jars out of the water using the power of biophotonics. MyPharmJar Smell Proof Stash Jar is like no other stash jar on the market! Hands down its the best cannabis stash jar on the market

MyPharmJar smell proof stash jar violet glass—also known as Miron glass—has been the ultimate material in storage containers since the ancient Egyptians used it to preserve medicines. Sadly, the technology was lost until the mid-20th century, when interest was revived by the Swiss scientist Yves Kraushaar. His development period was an intense 14 years full of research, trial, and error, but by the mid-1990’s he had perfected the science of violet glass. His creation was called Miron UV Glass, and it’s been growing in popularity in the cannabis industry since it’s the best glass to utilize as a “Herb Stash Jar

How Does it Work?

The way violet glass works is simple, but its effects are profound. Regular glass lets in pretty much all light from the visible spectrum. These frequencies are what lead to degradation of the contents, even when they’re stored in an airtight container. Violet glass blocks every frequency of light besides violet, preventing them from accelerating the decay of molecules in the stored material.

On the other hand, non-visible UVa light is a beneficial frequency that helps stop the growth of bacteria and keeps pathogens and mold at bay. Hand in hand with UVa is another beneficial frequency: non-visible far-infrared light. This frequency is used in many medical applications thanks to its healing properties. Violet glass allows both these beneficial frequencies into the container while keeping out the harmful stuff.

What Does it Do?

Put simply, it preserves the integrity of whatever material you put into it. When you place a nug or two (or more) into a violet glass jar, it will retain its current state of freshness and funkiness when you open it up months later.

This is fantastic for cannabis consumers because marijuana begins to degrade pretty much the second it’s harvested, dried, and cured. In order to maintain peak freshness, cannabis should be stored somewhere under 70°F, with an ambient humidity of about 60% and limited oxygen exposure. Any regular old glass jar with an airtight seal can help you control these variables, but the one that’s trickiest is UV light. UV takes most of the blame for the degradation of cannabinoids, breaking them down more quickly and in less time than any of the other factors.

Thankfully, MyPharmJar Curing Jar with violet glass puts a stop to UV rays touching your cannabis, giving you the most comprehensive control over the freshness of your stash. Get a MyPharmJar Smell Proof Stash Jar today, to enjoy unadulterated cannabinoids and terpenes at their tastiest!






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