Stash Jars Smell Proof Curing Jars using Miron UV Glass

MyPharmJar smell proof miron violet glass curing jars

Started in 2014 to address gaps in the storage and preservation of fine herbs & natural substances. MyPharmJar smell-proof glass curing jars is the industry pioneer in stash jars with intelligent monitoring capabilities built into the lid. We sell solutions for both miron UV Science Glass and Ball Mason Jars.

MyPharmJar takes consumer privacy & security serious by providing a secure web site that is PCI Compliant, TLS 1.3 SSL enabled, Secure DNS (DNSSEC) provides enhanced privacy. We also provide an option to pay via Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies.

MyPharmJar is a woman-owned business with sales and manufacturing proudly located in Wagoner, Oklahoma that provides amazing customer service. All orders are promptly processed using environmentally-conscious recycled foam packaging.

MyPharmJar has a wholesale program and dedicated wholesale portal for orders over $500.00. Be sure to check out the MyPharmJar affiliate program, sell glass make cash

MyPharmJar Stash Jar Curing Jars use highly unique miron UV Science 420 jars that dramatically slows microbiological changes and has been proven in studies to keep any crop fresh and consumables much longer than clear glass jars. Dark violet glass infused with gold, UV glass blocks dangerous visible light while allowing desirable amounts of violet, ultraviolet (UV-A) and infrared spectrums to penetrate.

MyPharmJar UV Science Glass Light Transmission Curve

UV-A+Violet+Far infrared=Improves Everything

Based on the science of Miron Glass

Available for our smell proof 420 glass curing jars or any other container, is an infinitely next-generation cloud-based scalable sensor system that monitors motion, light levels, humidity, temperature, dew point, location relative to a geo-fenced area, and more. Data is collected and stored in the cloud for easy monitoring wherever an internet connection is available. Sensor tags send data when within 800 feet of the MyPharmJar Wireless Tag Gateway. When a jar is out of range, data is still collected and reported as soon as connectivity is restored.

MyPharmTag monitoring systems greatly reduce the risk of spoilage and guards against theft and shrinkage.   MyPharmTag monitoring systems are perfect for any use – home, retail dispensary, or cultivator. Also can be deployed in thousands of applications using IFTTT technology

Dope Jars MyPharmJar Smell Proof Cannabis Stash Jars

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Dope Jars MyPharmJar Smell Proof Cannabis Stash Jars
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MyPharmJar Dope Jars Smell Proof UV Miron Stash Jar

Benefits of a MyPharmJar

Increased Value

Store long term and worry-free with MyPharmJar. Protection against decomposition, air, light, and heat. increases the potency of stored compounds while protecting against inhibitions of chemical damage and changes in molecular structure.

Power Packed Aromas

MPJ’s Smell Proof Stash Jars deepens and sustains wide spectrum aromas, increasing long term storage value of stored items by increasing potency and preserving moisture content.


Mypharmjar Glass protects valuable products from all damaging light rays/frequencies, its like storing your item in a vault that protects against degradation over time.

Temp & Humidity Monitoring

Industries first embedded Humidity/Temperature Sensor to create your own  “Glass humidor Stash Jar”. Humidity can be controlled by removing the lid or injecting humidity as required.

Live Alerts

Get alerts directly to your device each time your jar is opened with the optional MyPharmTag system. The most intelligent sensor is available for any jar on the market. Track real-time data from any web-capable mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

Stays Fresh Longer

MyPharmJar Smell Proof stash curing jar is capable of filtering the photons and other quantum units of light, allowing only violet, ultraviolet, and infrared rays to pass through it while blocking the full spectrum range of light that increases the rate of oxidation of whatever substance is stored in it.

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MyPharmJar Mission Statement
To represent the most refined qualities of organic storage around the world; to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity; to blend tradition and innovation while upholding our moral duty to sustain the natural environment

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