Much more than a colored glass, MyPharmJar smell proof uv stash jar celebrates the Swiss science of Biophotonic Miron violet glass; the first-ever aroma improving, freshness preserving, bio-life enhancing container.

…or something like this:

History of Miron glass

The special protective qualities of genuine MyPharmJar violet glass containers can
be traced back to the heyday of the ancient Egyptian civilization, when
valuable essences and healing natural products were kept in gold
and violet glass containers.  Still, viable seeds have been found stored
in this way in ancient tombs throughout the region.

Alchemists during the middle ages are known to have been aware of
the special preserving and uplifting qualities shimmering violet glass

The glass was first industrially produced by small artisan
glass manufacturers in 1995 after 50 years of research and hand
production. Since then, more and more producers of high quality
natural products are discovering the advantage violet glass
containers give their products and their advanced market position.

We all understand that sunlight enables plants to grow. However, the effect of the sun’s lights changes after harvesting, accelerating the molecular decaying process. MyPharmJar Glassware is an antioxidant glass that works essentially like a natural filter; bio-vitality and aromas are improved by allowing in 3 very specific frequencies of light that have been found to nurture and protect all-natural substances: visible violet light and non-visible UVA and Far-Infrared lights.

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The Human eye can see the rainbow spectrum of colors;  with violet at one end and red at the opposite. Beyond these two colors go the Ultraviolet and Infrared spectrum of non-visible light. MyPharmJar smell proof uv stash jar is black looking, yet truly violet glass and is only penetrable in the visible range, to the violet frequency of light, hence its perceived color.

Non-visible UVA light is a small spectrum within the larger band of Ultraviolet light and in Miron glass, it is responsible for retarding the growth of bacteria, mold, and pathogens. This light is what keeps violet bottled drinking water and recently cured herbs fresh and vital for weeks on end.


Transmission Glass

Non-visible far-infrared light is a powerful healing frequency within the larger band of Infrared light. Used nowadays in many healing modalities and technologies, Far-Infrared light sustains the molecular viability and structure of goods stored in a MyPharmJar.

The combination of these three frequencies of light is the brilliance of the Glass. From their combination, a harmony of vibration is created that for the first time allows what is stored to be nurtured while it sets. Nurtured! This is the opposite of the constant degradation and quality deterioration our products kept in glass, plastic and another packaging generally receive.


miron violetglass violet glass uv glass mypharmjar dope jars herb guard herb storage biophotonicsWhat is Miron Glass?

It is glassware with a dark violet hue, which through the biophotonic effects can greatly enhance the lifespan of any active substances stored within it. For example, rose water stored in an air-tight glass Miron bottle can stay fresh for years, which otherwise has a very delicate chemical structure and like fresh tea, would go bad in just a few days.

How it works is quite simple, but nevertheless, interesting…

Biophotonic Glass & Oxidation Protection

Miron glass is actually capable of filtering the photons and other quantum units of light, allowing only violet, ultraviolet, and infrared rays to pass through it. In other words, it acts quite literally as a natural “light filter”, blocking the full spectrum range of light that might otherwise increase the rate of oxidation of whatever substance is stored in it.

Oxidation refers to a state of redox, which is a chemical reaction where oxidation states of atoms are changed, and this can lead to oxidative damage. For example, in a cell, free radicals and reactive oxygen species can steal electrons from the cell, which weakens the cell and increases the risk of damage.

Of the various factors that can increase the risk of oxidation, light, heat, and air are some of the main offenders. Although in the right proportion, these natural forces are health-promoting, they also are contributing factors in the natural process of biological aging.

Now consider that fact some of the most valuable products are completely natural and organic, which means that although safe and non-toxic, they are susceptible to the natural process of aging. It is generally a good and natural phenomenon for an herb, for example, to decompose. However, when it comes to utilizing various botanicals, medicinal mushrooms, plant oils, and other natural substances for skincare products, we want to ensure that we preserve their chemical integrity for as long as possible without relying on synthetic, and potentially toxic preservatives.

violetglass violet glass miron biophotonic glass smell proof stash jar cannabis storage miron glass history violet glass purple glass miron-glass


Scientific Evidence & smell proof miron glass curing jar

Modern violet glass was first developed in 1995 to protect medicine’s natural energy and store energy from the absorbed through the container. Since then, there have been several studies that have proven the preservation and protective properties of Miron glass. In one study done on honey and Miron glass, it was found that the flavor, color, beneficial enzymes, and molecular structure of it improved compared to being stored other types of glass.

In another study, MyPharmJar stored cherry tomatoes in a Miron violetglass smell proof curing jar and in a clear glass jar at room temperature while exposed to sunlight for seven months. What they found at the end of seven months was that the tomatoes stored in the clear glass jar decomposed intensely, with obvious mold, dryness, and rot. On the other hand, the tomatoes stored in the MyPharmJar smell proof curing jar showed no signs of decomposition, discoloration, or drying.

There have been several other studies with very similar results to these, basically finding that storing natural, organic substances in Miron violetglass greatly increased lifespan and prevented decomposition and at an incomparable rate.

Benefits of MyPharmJar violet glass smell proof uv stash jar

Miron violetglass provides superior preservation abilities. Storing any sort of natural product in a mypharmjar smell proof curing jar may be capable of providing:

  • Protection against decomposition
  • Preservation of bioactive constituents and health benefits
  • Protection from air, light, and heat
  • The increased potency of stored compounds
  • Inhibition of chemical damage and changes in molecular structure


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