Miron Violet Glass Bottles


Miron glass water bottles incorporate the color healing properties of the violet spectrum. The violet glass filters all but the UVA and infra-red spectra of light. This light beneficially stimulates bio-logical substances stored within the glass container.


Making miron energized solar water

Place the Miron violet glass bottle on a sunny window sill for two hours (or all day if overcast) to infuse the contents with the violet rays imparted by the miron glass. The water will become noticeably more silky and sweet


Miron glass containers for food and water

Miron glass containers have unique properties that offer optimal protection against the aging and degeneration typically caused by exposure to light. This makes them the ultimate container for high-quality foods, dry goods, and cosmetics, leagues beyond other glass jars for the protection and preservation of organic compounds.

Life force & longevity preserved in Miron Glass

The dark violet glass helps contain the life force of the contents of the bottle and maximize the longevity of their energetic and nutrient value. It filters out the damaging range of the light spectrum, allowing only the beneficial violet spectrum (specifically UV-A and Infra-red ) to penetrate.

A cherry tomato was stored for 3 months in a clear glass jar and in a MIRON violet glass jar. Both jars were kept at room temperature and exposed to sunlight. The photo (left) reveals the result after 3 months of storage. The tomato stored in MIRON violet glass shows no loss of color and no signs of drying out.


Miron glass is made in Germany by old world craftsmen in small batches

Learn more about the power of biophotonics

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