mypharmtag ip monitoring

Available for our smell proof glass curing jars or any other container, is an infinitely next-generation ip monitoring cloud-based scalable sensor system that monitors motion, light levels, humidity, temperature, dew point, location relative to a geo-fenced area, and more. Data is collected and stored in the cloud for easy monitoring wherever an internet connection is available. Sensor tags send data when within 800 feet of the MyPharmJar Wireless Tag Gateway. When a jar is out of range, data is still collected and reported as soon as connectivity is restored.

MyPharmTag monitoring systems greatly reduce the risk of spoilage and guards against theft and shrinkage.   MyPharmTag ip monitoring systems are perfect for any use – home, retail dispensary, or cultivator. Also can be deployed in thousands of applications using IFTTT technology

Mypharmtag cloud monitoring

MyPharmTag Gateway System, inc license for unlimited cloud storage of data


Mypharmtag cloud monitoring 

Requires at least (1) MyPharmTag- sold separately

One (1) Ethernet Tag Manager. Links up to 40 MyPharmTags concurrently

  • Include AC power adapter, US type, and Ethernet cable to connect to your DSL/Cable Modems, or WLAN router’s Ethernet port
  • Can be controlled from iPhone, iPad, Android devices through apps, PC and Mac through Web browsers
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Requires Internet connection
  • No subscription fee of any kind for life; no monthly or annual fee to use cloud service and no cloud storage fee for data collected by sensor tags.
  • High anonymity: only your account email address and tag manager IP address is collected

Mypharmtag cloud monitoring is the best solution on the market today, based upon IFTTT standards with complete open-source and full API support

MyPharmTag setup guide