Seed Jar 5ml w/cap


start storing your valuable seeds organically in mypharmjar uv seed jars

  • Seed container 5ml
  • Total weight=60 grams
  • Jar weight=51 grams
  • BASED ON ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RITUAL GLASS from the GIZA PYRAMID discovered in 1987 with 3200 year old viable wheat seeds inside!
  • SCIENCE GLASS COMPOSITION contains 53 rare earth elements including gold, outperforms all other glassware, used for research by leading universities
  • LABORATORY TESTED & APPROVED, ULTRAVIOLET GLASS: Blocks out all damaging visible light rays and only permits 3 beneficial rays to enter.
  • START PRESERVING GOODS ORGANICALLY: Store goods long term without chemicals or preservatives with confidence!

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seeds stored in our uv seed jars will last for many generations

The special protective qualities of genuine miron violet glass containers can be traced back to the heyday of the ancient Egyptian civilization when valuable essences and healing natural products were kept in gold and violet glass containers.  Still, viable seeds have been found stored in this way in ancient tombs throughout the region.

Alchemists during the middle ages are known to have been aware of the special preserving and uplifting qualities shimmering violet glass offered.

Miron violet glass was first industrially produced by small artisan glass manufacturers in 1995 after 50 years of research and hand production. Since then, more and more producers of high-quality natural products are discovering the advantage Miron vitality glass containers give their products and their advanced market position.

.mypharmjar uv seed jars use special miron uv science glass that dramatically slows microbiological changes, proven in studies to keep any crop fresh and consumables fresher way longer than any glass. dark violet glass infused with gold, UV glass blocks visible light while allowing desirable amounts of violet, ultraviolet (UV-A) and infrared spectrums to penetrate.

  • Seed container 5ml
  • Total weight=60 grams
  • Jar weight=51 grams
  • Lid weight=9 grams

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