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MyPharmLid Mason Jar Lid Built-In Stash Hygrometer Fahrenheit

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MyPharmLid, BPA Free Plastic Curing Monitor Jar Lid. Our Ball wide-mouth mason plastic curing jar lids are designed to replace the metal seal and lid that came with the wide-mouth or 32oz mason jars you already own. Mason jars are a great storage solution for your harvested herbs — keeping them inside with an air-tight seal.  Our curing jar lids contain a built-in, air-sealed digital hygrometer to help you measure humidity and temperature, which are vital components that must be monitored in order to achieve a proper cure — finally unleashing the highest potential and potency from your flower.   Other curing lid products are on the market, but none are up to the ultra-high standard that MyPharmJar holds. Each unit is proudly hand assembled in Portland, Oregon, and comes with a high-quality user-replaceable SR/LR 44 battery.

All sensored jar lids now support both Celsius and Fahrenheit, changeable via button

  • Fahrenheit Temperature and Humidity sensor embedded
  • BPA Free Lid Fits Widemouth Mason Jar
  • Turns Wide-Mouth Mason Jar into powerful curing vessel
  • Mypharmjar quality made in the USA
  • Take your herb curing to the next level
  • BPA-Free plastic child-resistant lid in black. Fits Wide Mouth Mason Jars
  • Fits all Mason/Ball wide mouth jars. user-replaceable SR44 Battery included
  • The sensor is sealed to ensure its airtight. The lid comes with tapered inner sealing ring

If you are looking for the celsius version