Miron 500ml lid

Mypharmjar Plain Lid, 1 Liter


Miron MyPharmJar lids – fits 1000ml jars

  • This Lid is the stock lid for MIRON Violettglas. Fits 1 Liter Wideneck Jar
  • Lid Fits 1 Liter Jar from MyPharmJar, Infinity Jars, UltravioLeaf, Herb Preserve, Dope Jars, Violux , or any Miron B series 1 liter jar.
This lid only fits 1 Liter size of Miron Jar.
What makes Mypharmjar the most unique Biophotonic jar provider in the industry today?

Mypharmjar is uniquely positioned in the storage marketplace today. Mypharmjar is the sole provider of both digital and advanced IP-based sensor technology for the MIron UV Biophotonic storage glass.

Mypharmjar is the sole provider of child-resistant caps (CR enclosures) for many of the jars including 250/400 ml miron jars.  Forget nasty BPA plastic bags and keep your items fresh for years in a mypharmjar Miron UV Biophotonic glass jar.

Mypharmjar is the only provider of embedded temp/humidity sensor and child-resistant enclosures for the Miron jars.

Item proudly assembled in Portland, Oregon, and is packaged and delivered using recycled foam to ensure the safest delivery of items possible.