Advanced Herb Curing Techniques using the best Cannabis curing jars

MPJ 250ml Miron curing jar

Mypharmjar, the best curing jars for cannabis period.


Curing… The process of slowly leaching the last traces of intra-cellular moisture from “dry” herbs, it also protects the terpenes and other terpinoids from breaking down too quickly during storage, and it also prevents mold from developing.  The best possible results for curing are obtained with a Mypharmjar herb jar since they only allow three frequencies of light. Violet, UVA and far infrared, the combined spectrum of those frequencies has been proven to enhanced all organic substances.

To start, place your herbs in the proper size Mypharmjar curing jar, carefully piling in as many as possible without damaging them. Be careful to ensure you leave enough space to allow the herbs room to breathe.. Over time, trace amounts of moisture inside the buds will evaporate, though this moisture will still be trapped inside the jar. Periodically check the patent pending sensor to ensure your humidity is falling within the 55%-60% relative humidity. If the humidity is over 60% then open the jar and turn the buds over to release this moisture and allow more sweating (leaving the jar open for about an hour each time), and check several times per day until the buds are perfectly and evenly dry and the humidity has locked down between 55% and 57%, At that point the herbs are fully cured and ready for long term storage..

According to Walter Haze, if the buds are kept in the airtight jars, they can continue to cure for at least four years. “The extended cure has kind of become standard operating procedure for me,” Walter explains. “I do periodically check them up until about three months. After curing that long, the calyxes start to go golden and the herb develops some deep and unique characteristics, based on the strain.  The closest thing to relate to is the Wine industry which takes great pride in its storage and bottle selection.

Walter Haze suggests that anyone interested in pursing the best possible product, should cure in herb jars as they represent superior glass characteristics versus other glass on the market today. The embedded temperature and humidity sensors help execute the perfect drying and curing of your precious herbs. The jars are optimized to prevent the degradation of terpenoids that give flavor and aroma.

Lab data to backup claims of Mypharmjar being the absolute very best curing jar available on the market.

mpj cannabis cure

cannabis cure test all glass types


Mypharmjar 1 liter sensor jar

Mypharmjar 1 liter with sensor curing jar

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